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One of our Goddesses - Rose O'Neill

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Challenging myself. I was a long distance mountain runner previously. I have since had a lower leg amputation in 2019..... I signed up for a 1/2 in 2020. I lost 56.7 lbs and went from being unable to move for 4.5 years due to serious injury. Go big or go home. My squats don't display the greatest form (I'm working on it!) Nor do my lunges but damnit I will not give up!!! Let nothing stop you, ever. Your mindset is your best advantage. Go for it.

The Goddess Run Series has kept me motivated to keep going, the women who participate in it are phenomenal. Their support has been so important to my success, for that I am grateful. Although being unable to participate in person previously I was cheered on virtually. Be it on my crutches at the time or very slowly hobbling away. Each success was everyone's celebration and that kind of support is amazing and so uplifting. This year is the first time I will be doing an in-person race, this is simply the best one. All I can say is keep showing up for yourself, each and every day is easier said then done at times. Some days are just hard; just keep showing up. Whatever you do, do not become stagnant in the belief you have in yourself. 

The financial hardships that come with losing a limb are astronomical, if you are an athlete those costs can triple. Walking limbs range from $10,000 to $100,000, with good coverage - this is still the amputees cost, coming up with this amount of money can seem and often is inconceivable. There are hundreds of simple, daily tasks the average person takes for granted, such as walking up stairs, riding a bike, or simply walking across the room. All I want to do is run. Prior to losing my leg in 2019 due to domestic violence I was a long distance mountain runner. I am a human being with a lot of potential and a love life. As an amputee, I am not really asking for much. Just a leg up. I believe there is a brighter day ahead, one just has to hold on to hope. 


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Recent donors
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